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Privacy Policy

At StatApk, we’re not just committed to providing a trustworthy platform for APK downloads; we’re equally dedicated to ensuring your online privacy. This policy delves into the particulars of how we treat the personal data you entrust us with during your digital interactions on our platform.


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Information We Collect

Comments: If you contribute to our comment sections, we capture the information you input, alongside your IP address and browser configuration, as a line of defense against potential spam.

Account Creation: Choosing to become a registered member of StatApk means we’ll hold onto the personal details you furnish in your user profile. While you’re free to view, adjust, or erase this data, the one restriction lies in modifying your username.

Cookies: To optimize your user experience, StatApk uses cookies. For instance, if you drop a comment, an option is provided to save your details in cookies, so you don’t have to repeatedly enter the same data in the future.

How We Utilize Your Data

The data you provide assists us in:

  • Enhancing and personalizing your browsing experience on StatApk.
  • Refining our platform based on the feedback and insights you offer.
  • Responding effectively to your comments or queries.

Embedded Content

Occasionally, StatApk might feature embedded content (like videos or images). Interacting with such content is akin to visiting the original website. Such external sources may gather data, employ cookies, or embed additional third-party tracking mechanisms.

Data Retention Protocol

Comments you leave lead to the indefinite retention of said comment and its metadata. This ensures any subsequent comments can be swiftly identified and approved. For our valued registered users, we securely and responsibly store the personal details in your profiles.

Your Data Privileges

Being a part of StatApk grants you the rights to:

  • Access and procure an exported file of the personal data we hold.
  • Amend any inaccuracies in the data we’ve stored.
  • Request complete erasure of your personal data from our systems.

Our Commitment to Data Safety

Employing state-of-the-art technical measures, StatApk prioritizes the security of your data. Although absolute security in the digital realm is elusive, our relentless efforts and constant monitoring ensure the data you entrust us with remains shielded from breaches.

Third-party Affiliations

Rest assured, your data remains confidential within StatApk’s vaults. We strictly refrain from trading, selling, or indiscriminately sharing your information with third parties. If data sharing occurs, it’s solely for amplifying our services and always under stringent confidentiality clauses.