PPK INJECTOR Apk 2022 Free Download for Android [v4.0]

PPK INJECTOR Apk 2022 Free Download for Android [v4.0]

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Package com.pubgprokiller.ppkvips
Publisher Ppkvips
Category Tools
Version 4.0
Size 15.6 MB
Requires Android 4.01 And Up
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PPK INJECTOR Apk 2022 Free Download for Android for Adding multiple Hacks to your PUBG gameplay.

4.3/5 - (17 votes)

Hi guys! You all know very well that PUBG Mobile is currently the most played and top battle royale game. We are here with a hacking tool for it today. This is called the PPK INJECTOR. It is an all-in-one hacking tool because it has all the hacks related to the game.

  1. Overview of PPK Injector Apk
  2. Key Features
  3. Is it safe to use?
  4. How to Download PPK INJECTOR Apk?
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  6. Is the PPK Injector Apk Download free for Android users?
  7. Is it safe to install PPK Injector Apk?
  8. Is this amazing app available on Google Play Store?
  9. Does this Android app require any premium charges for added services?
  10. Conclusion

There are many hacks available on the internet for shooting games but not all of them have the features that users require. Most of them do not work with the latest updates. This hack will work with all the new updates.

It is very unethical to use such hacks because your opponents are playing fair but there are many players who play it only for fun. Basically, what they do is add different cheats to win matches.

Many players want to enhance their gameplay but initially, they can’t win games because their opponents are proficient, so they use additional tools to enhance their gameplay. Once you have added the Injector App to your account, your opponents won’t stand a chance against you.

Overview of PPK Injector Apk

PPK INJECTOR Apk is very easy to use and you will not face any issues using the application. We will give you a complete overview of the application and how you can add different hacks to your gameplay. You have to install an additional app which is a virtual application called Madhav Gamer VIP.

With this apk, you will be able to clone PUBG Mobile and log in with your personal account or you can use a guest ID or fake Facebook account to log in. Afterward, you will need to add the injector icon and create a clone of it as well, and then you will be ready to go.

Now you have to open your injector and it will ask for some permissions which you have to allow. The injector will require a password to enter, which I will provide at the end of this overview section. After you have entered the pass, it will give you options of Root or Non-root.

You have to select the Non-Root option and you will see a pop-up. You have minimized the pop-up and selected the open PUBG option. You have to add all the hacks while you are in the game in the new version.

There are one or two lobby hacks that you can apply while you are in the lobby. The Antena Hack which is one of the most important hacks in the Pubg can also be applied while you are in the lobby. After that, there are so many other hacks that you can apply in the game. This is a list of all the hacks that you can add from the Non-root menu.

  • Wallhack to see through walls: Gamers will have the ability to see their opponents through walls.
  • Antenna hack: This Antenna head feature will allow gamers to locate enemies easily on the map.
  • Magic Bullet: Magic bullets can penetrate through walls easily.
  • Aimbot: Improved aiming is very important for gamers to survive long durations. This Aimbot feature will be very essential for perfect aiming.
  • No recoil or less recoil: Weapon recoil makes it hard for new players to aim properly. There is an option that will allow gamers to remove weapon recoil completely.
  • Auto-Headshot: Most hacking apps offer this feature. Auto-headshot allows gamers to score headshots in every kill.
  • Black Sky to see the Antena line easily: Sky color turns black so players can see the ESP line clearly.
  • Fast Car, Jeep, and Bike: All motor vehicle’s speed will be upgraded to the supernatural.
  • Flying car and Jeep: If gamers are not convinced with speed, they can fly the cars and jeeps around the map.
  • Change the opponent’s body color to an easy Spot: Gamers can change the opponent’s body color to spot from a long distance.
  • Free skins for cars and guns: Players will be able to unlock premium skins from cars and weapons for free.

These are the main hacks that it provides and there are much more available. The password for accessing the application is 954548.

The virtual app we were talking about

Madhav Gamer VIP

Virtual Monster Pro

Key Features

  • Free to use.
  • Free to download.
  • Simple user interface.
  • PUBG lovers can bypass the lobby.
  • Antenna cheat in the latest version.
  • Anti-ban feature.
  • CLone game for added safety.
  • Green Sky SD and Pink Sky SD.
  • Supports Snap Dragon.
  • Works with Android version 10.

Is it safe to use?

As you know the usage of hacking tools is illegal and your account can get banned for that. We have given you a solution to that. Using a virtual app will help you reduce the risk of a ban. The developers of the injector claim that they have implemented the latest technology and made it anti-ban. You still have to use it at your personal risk.

How to Download PPK INJECTOR Apk?

These third-party apps are not available in the Google Apps Store. You can download this hack tool with a single tap from our site. Your download will start with a single tap on the download button. You have to wait for 10 seconds after tapping once on the button.

For installing it, you have to go to your Android device settings> security settings and enable unknown sources installations. After that, you can easily install it by following the installation prompt.

If you face any issues downloading the app from the direct download link provided, you can contact us using the comments section below and we will try to resolve your issues.


Is the PPK Injector Apk Download free for Android users?

The Apk file will be free to download from the shared app download links.

Is it safe to install PPK Injector Apk?

This is a secure app to install on any Android phone.

Is this amazing app available on Google Play Store?

This is a hacking app for Android smartphones, so it won’t be available on Google Play Store.

Does this Android app require any premium charges for added services?

This Android application will be offering numerous anti-ban features, the latest skins, and much more for free.


If you are struggling to get a Chicken Dinner in the PUBG Mobile game then you should try the PPK INJECTOR PUBG. You will rule the entire battleground alone.

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4.3/5 - (17 votes)
4.3/5 (17 votes)

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