Free and Top Entertainment Apps for Android and iOS in 2022

Free and Top Entertainment Apps for Android and iOS in 2022

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Free and Top Entertainment Apps for Android and iOS in 2022

5/5 - (5 votes)

Among many uses of our mobile phones, one purpose we all love to have them are for entertainment. With the widespread adoption of this device, we have seen a focused attempt by companies and investors to reach out to people via this window.

  1. YouTube
  2. Spotify
  3. TED
  4. Clubhouse
  5. TikTok
  6. Conclusion

So here we will discuss the free and top entertainment app for Android and iOS in 2022 that you can have and enjoy some fun time for free of cost. This includes media apps, social media platforms, streaming options, and many more.

So whether you are an Android mobile phone or tablet user or an Apple owner just head to Google PlayStore or App Store, get these apps, and start none stop entertainment spree from any place, anytime.


This is the number one entertainment app that you can enjoy on both Apple and Android devices. To scale its prominence in the field it is enough to state that every month there are 2 billion users and daily streaming of one billion hours.

This makes it the most streaming video platform ahead of all its rivals. YouTube is free for general users and you can enjoy all types of videos from informative, news, educational, comedy, movies, and many many more categories.

If you want premium content there is a monthly fee of only $11.99. Even without it, there is an ocean of videos for all ages and genders with constant updates from the content creators in any field you can name.


This is a music streaming application coming all the way from its makers in Sweden. With millions of active users on Apple, Android, and desktop and laptop it has made a name for itself among the music enthusiasts, including both makers and listeners.

With a monthly subscription, you become eligible to access unlimited music and podcast streaming at any time on a given day. If you’re a new user, here you can enjoy free three months of streaming with access to all features.

Here you can access your favorite songs, tracks from budding and new artist as well as work of established ones, all from one place. With Spotify on your smartphone, you don’t have to keep long lists of songs and different playlists on your device memory.


TED if you have not heard of it already, is the hot spring of distinct and amazing ideas from across the world in any field you can think of. This is actually an American media corporation that hosts and posts online talks.

Their well-known slogan is ‘Ideas Worth Spreading,’ They bring to us, talks on various topics that are trailblazing, to say the least. Thick with educational content, they are a window to our enlightenment.

So with the app, you can access the vast library and rummage for content across various categories in more than 100 languages of the world.

Apart from accessing their content for free on the major social media accounts, you can get their app and enjoy talks and series one after another. The content here is original and it includes videos and podcasts from the guest speakers available on the platform.


There are two types of people, one who likes talking and the other who love to listen to others. There are some with ambiguous minds but soon they fall to one of these previously mentioned categories if they have Clubhouse on their phones.

It gives you the opportunity to talk about anything that you are fond of. IT could be politics, religion, science, tech, finance, relationships, business, weather, or your city. The scope for your words here is great with the relevant groups and discussions.

This is a voice-only entertainment app where you will get like-minded people to hang out with or start one of your own and see people joining you. With thousands of conversation rooms that are active at any given moment to awesome people joining in, it is a place to hang out for sure.

You can join a room, become a part of the audience and listen to other people talk or raise a hand and let the host give you a chance to speak your mind. Take excerpts from the talks, schedule them, or set a reminder to join them for free. There is plenty to do.


This app took entertainment on phones to a whole new level and there is a flood of lookalike apps that try to copy the concept invented by them. Thanks to the internet, the average human attention span is shrinking like the glacier in the era of global warming.

So, they created a market out of this issue, and boom, they are a successful business model that others follow. With that being said, you will find all types of content creators on this platform. From cringe to outright awesome, there is no paucity for what you are looking for.

Here you can search for tags and let TikTok display the relevant content for you, follow the content creators whose work you like, and get to see their work instantly. You can be a spectator here and enjoy free time watching what others are doing, that too for free. Thus TikTok is one of the top apps for iOS and Android that you can use for entertainment purposes.

Since you are here why not check out the best free android apps for 2022 here.


So here we mentioned for you some of the free and top entertainment apps for android and iOS in 2022. You can get them for your device and enjoy a nonstop spree of amusement without spending a penny. Tell us which one is your favorite and you may add other names to the list in the comments below.

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